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Great writing!

I listened to some other songs after I heard the hardstyle one just to see your talent with other genres. I'm impressed! This one has a catchy melody, quality instruments (which ones do you use, by the way?) and good counterrhyhtms. I'm no good with EQ or mastering or any of that, but the writing is good and the song sounds nice, so you get full marks from me!

shesmackshard responds:

Hey thanks man! This is mostly Edirol vst in this I believe.

Nice sound!

I'm not usually a fan of hardcore-sounding tracks like this, but you made a very nice sound with it. The bass sound is nice, but I got tired of it after a while. Maybe that's just me since I like to have a lot of variety in the music that I listen to.

Anyway, though I would have mixed it up a bit more, I really like what you have going here. It sounds like you put a lot of work on the production. Great work!

shesmackshard responds:

Thanks for the review!

I can see how you would review the way you did if you're not a hardstyle fan, because the repetitive nature is an artifact of the genre. If you want to see better writing skills from me, dont look in my hardstyle. Look in my house and trance. And even further, my classical/orchestral.

Sounding good...

Great guitar jamming, just sticks out from 0:32 to 1:27 (most of the song). It sounded really hard to play, kudos for that. However, many of the notes you played were off-key (not to sound nit-picky or anything) detracting from the overall effect. A good idea nonetheless.

Great... drum rhythm though?

Great song, I love it. Did you get that beat from Jungle Sound though?


This is just the original song overlaid with sound effects. Sorry, but that's not very creative IMO.

Not that heavy...

You say the Drum&Bass is heavy in this one, but it really isn't quite so. Perhaps make it more bassy (not that I would know, but just a suggestion).

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